“A great place to start when you’re creating your brand story are the words you use to express what kind of experience you want to deliver.”

Or said another way:

“The selection of language is paramount when developing a brand image one wishes to convey to the market.”

Okay, which one sounds like you’re going to be dealing with normal, everyday people you can have a conversation with? Which one sounds like you’re in a very stuffy office?

Most people opt for the conversational route. Even the stuffy types put the stuffy stuff in small type at the bottom of the page these days because conversations draw people in and make them feel comfortable, while the more formal approach can create barriers.

Similarly, with products and services that are more technical in nature, it’s best to lead with benefits to people in their work or personal lives before you bring out the specs and data sheets on why your widget or process is better.

With that in mind, here’s a blurb about us:

“Infinity Reef is a small branding and design agency that provides full marketing services in digital and traditional spaces. We develop our strategies in collaboration with you. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing plan, but we ensure you get what you need to connect with your customers. Give us a call and let’s sit down together and talk.”

We express ourselves this way in part because for our business segment, automation and digital tools have seen explosive growth over the past two decades. So much so that charts, graphs and immediate return on investment (ROI) have become the new gauge of effectiveness for branding, marketing and design.

We use those tools everyday and they’re very good for giving us a picture of certain types of short-term results, but as people who have been doing this for longer than a while, these tools do little to show us if we’ve been successful in influencing a customer’s long-term behaviour. When they think of a car, a phone, or a ketchup are they thinking of a specific brand that they’ve developed an affinity for over time?

In our minds, what has become increasingly overlooked is that human connection between companies and their customers, which is why we make clear we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. We’d rather come and meet with you rather than have yet another video call. If we wish to make human-to-human solutions, that means our process must be based on human-to-human interaction as well. Typically, as we listen and learn about you and your business; things like who you are, what you sell, how you sell, and who you sell to, insights develop and we see things you might not. Being as close as you are and because you’re focussed on running your business, having that different perspective can help bring clarity to a long-standing problem.

Starting with a conversational approach in our blurb signals to potential clients what to expect when they meet us. Sure, we want to see sales figures and projected market growth, but more importantly we want to learn about you and what makes your business different than the competition.

We love that our clients consider us their internal external agency. We want to work with the intimacy of colleagues you spend every day in the office with because that collaboration and camaraderie means we’re working together instead of at cross purposes.

So, what’s your story? Your true story? What do you do so well that keeps people coming back time and again? We’re happy to work with you to figure that out and get it out there to people that need to hear it.

Infinity Reef is a small, nimble agency that outperforms for its size and responds well to client engagement and collaboration. Contact us and we’ll be happy to have an unhurried, in-depth conversation with you.