For some business leaders, Return on Investment (ROI) is merely an input to a corresponding output. “If we spend X, we should get X+20% back in a specific timeframe.” The sooner the better. The same quarter the expense was incurred so the sales figures don’t look soft.

But applying cut-and-dried thinking to a company’s marketing investment limits its ability to have a positive effect on the bottom line. Because marketing deals with winning hearts and minds, it focusses on how customers behave and when they choose to act.

The Marketing Process

The marketing process involves multiple stages and requires time to yield substantial results. Marketing is a strategic, long-term investment aimed at building brand equity, attracting and nurturing leads, and fostering customer relationships.

While discounts, coupons and other incentives can work short term, the ultimate goal is to have customers coming to you consistently and paying what the company believes the product is worth in the marketplace. That increases your profits. That’s the power of marketing.

A Portfolio That Demonstrates We Walk What We Talk

We know good marketing process works because we practice it every day. Steady, consistent effort for companies like TruckBoss, QSD and PSCL have increased attention and recognition in their marketplaces. And for the businesses with ecommerce, increased site traffic and sales.

Have a look through our portfolio for insights on how we treat each client as a unique entity focussed on their customers.

Set Clear Objectives and Timelines

Marketing is an ongoing process with both short- and long-term goals. By setting specific milestones and providing regular progress updates, we manage expectations and show incremental progress.

But it’s a process that must have flexibility and patience built into it. If a customer was a being that reliably repeated its actions forever like a box-folding machine, life for marketers and advertisers would be much easier. It’s when customer behaviour changes that marketing plans must respond or be left repeating actions people are no longer responding to.

Let’s Be Thankful for Data

Data and analytics demonstrate the gradual impact of marketing efforts and they’re built into digital marketing processes. Key metrics and performance indicators evolve over time, and we highlight the trends and patterns that indicate progress. We know these markers validate the importance of patience and sustained marketing efforts.

Planning Whats Next

The Customer Journey

Marketing campaigns need to engage customers at different stages to build trust over time. To do that, we create touchpoints to guide them to a sales commitment. By understanding this form of human behaviour, it emphasizes the need for consistent marketing efforts to influence customers buying choices.


Over and over again, the data on average timelines for achieving marketing objectives comes back consistently. With this information we set realistic goals. Marketing results take time, but are attainable.

We Believe in Open Communication

It’s not hard to get us on the phone or schedule a meeting. We share updates on progress, challenges and insights gained. And we always answer your questions. We believe in earning your trust and respect as much as we want to give you ours.

We Provide Long-Term Value

The long-term value and benefits of marketing campaigns include enhanced brand reputation, customer loyalty, increased market share and improved customer lifetime value. The broader impact of marketing efforts greatly outweighs the nervousness of desiring immediate ROI. We believe in and demonstrate through our work that a more comprehensive view of marketing activities will always be the more profitable way to go.

Infinity Reef is a small, nimble agency that outperforms for its size and responds well to client engagement and collaboration. Contact us and we’ll be happy to have an unhurried, in-depth conversation with you.