Snake Oil – How to Avoid Bad Marketers – Part 2

Some agencies will lie to you, making unsupportable promises. Here's how you can avoid that with some due diligence.

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Snake Oil – How to Avoid Bad Marketers – Part 1

Snake oil marketers are out there, but armed with information you can develop your own common sense to detect them

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Neglecting Marketing is Neglecting Your Business

Failing to get your message out into the market is a sure-fure way to limit your business' viability and success

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ROI: An Immediate Concern?

Expecting immediate ROI short changes the ultimate power of your marketing investment

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Social Media: One Size Fits All?

Social media is a powerful tool for some companies, but does every company benefit from its use?

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The Future of Marketing for Small to Medium-Size Businesses

Learn what our old computer has to say about small to medium-size businesses and their resistance to marketing.

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Maintenance – A Progressive Investment Approach

Maintaining your assets in business applies to your digital properties as well as the building you work in.

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Marketing Services is Different Than Physical Products

Service marketing is largely intangible. Overcome its challenges and you'll be just as successful as someone who sells a widget.

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Videos: Graphic Design & Advertising Ain’t Easy

As professional communicators, people who work in advertising, marketing and design have a unique view of their profession.

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Keep That Head On, Chicken

Especially in a tough business climate, it never pays to panic and run around like a chicken with your head cut off

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