I Got the Web Programmin’ Blues

Ever wondered what a web programmer goes through on a daily basis? They face a unique set of challenges on the road to success.

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The Art of Business Communication: Aligning Offerings with Customer Desires

Marketing ensures the gap between what you sell and what your potential customers need and want is addressed.

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Embracing the New Normal: Website Maintenance in Digital Marketing

Ignoring website maintenance is like not servicing your car. And it has serious consequences for your business.

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The Future of Advertising – Balancing Human Authenticity and AI Automation

The balance of human work vs AI automation should always be in the favour of humans communicating with humans in the world of advertising.

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A Few Pointers: The Essentials of Marketing Website Design

To ensure your digital presence is effective, remember scaling code, budget, meeting client goals, and preparing for the future

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How to Keep Your Website Relevant

Staying on top of your website should be a regular part of your marketing activities.

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Without Content Pages Look Empty

Creating content for a website or other project is not easy. So let us help because it's what we do every day, all day.

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Challenge is Opportunity

It's been rough seas in the business world, but the storm is set to clear by mid 2024. Are you ready to ramp up your marketing?

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Snake Oil – How to Avoid Bad Marketers – Part 2

Some agencies will lie to you, making unsupportable promises. Here's how you can avoid that with some due diligence.

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Snake Oil – How to Avoid Bad Marketers – Part 1

Snake oil marketers are out there, but armed with information you can develop your own common sense to detect them

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