What Is Marketing?

It’s easy to think of branding, marketing and advertising as a complex business, full of large expenditures, overly optimistic promises and slickly-designed campaigns. If you’ve never been through a branding and marketing process before, it can be daunting. You’re forced to trust someone you haven’t developed a relationship with. They’re asking for a sum of money – small, modest or large – and you’re wondering if it’s a good investment, or if you’re flushing it down the toilet. One way or the other, you’re going down a path that many others have travelled before.

So, let’s begin by saying what the goal of marketing is. You have something you need publicized: your business or organization and its products or services. You need to reach your customers or clients. We call that the audience.

Marketing is what fits in between what you’re offering and your potential customers. We communicate what you have in a way that the audience understands what’s being offered, why it’s important to them, and ultimately for them to take action once they’re in your space – physical or digital – that leads to closing a sale or deal.

Unless you tap into something that becomes a fad – remember parachute pants and fidget spinners? – most businesses can rely on marketing to get the message out, but we can’t guarantee sales. In that way, what we provide is a service that results in warm and hot leads. They’re interested, now it’s up to you to finish the sale with quality products and good customer service.

360 Marketing

Our spiral of services illustrates two concepts: one, the importance of thoroughness through process; and two, continuous improvement applied cycle over cycle

You’re more than just a logo. You have a story, a message and a goal. We'll work together to communicate your business effectively to its target audience.

Have an idea, but aren’t sure how to get it across? You’re not alone. Content creation is the most-overlooked aspect in any marketing plan. Without well-crafted, compelling content we have nothing to build on.

Put no effort into your website? Your audience can tell. A fickle consumer base could be the difference between a sale or the loss of business because you're not paying attention to the details.

A website is a wasted expense if no one can find it. Let our team of Search Engine Optimization experts make sure you're always at the top of the results list.

Advanced site stats reporting is the best tool to ensure your business is an optimized machine that stays ahead of its competition.

Advanced site stats reporting is the best tool to ensure your business is an optimized machine that stays ahead of its competition.

With the data gathered and interpreted we can tell you what is working and what isn't in your current marketing efforts. You can be responsive, adjusting your activities as needed.

Through each process, our mission is to provide you with the best tools and guidance we can to ensure your success and ours. We value developing partnerships based on earned trust and respect.