Getting the Word Out

Awarded a patent and set to revolutionize baby carrying, Babuebaby was ready to get the word out. We absorbed all the info she had and set about creating a website that showed off the comfort and freedom wearing the carrier provided while satisfying potential customers’ needs to understand how it was made and why it was better. With photo shoot assets available we combined that with infographics we created and a bright, fun colour palette.

Babuebaby Homepage

A Unique Product

Dissatisfied with North American standard backpack-style carriers that place all the weight and stress on the shoulders – well above our centre of gravity – our client put the main support over the hips, the strongest load-bearing joints on the body, and then used soft cloth straps over the chest and down over the shoulders for stability.

Babuebaby Posture Features

Social Boost

As we neared completion, we prepared social media templates to tie in for the launch.

Babuebaby Instagram

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