Site Architecture First

We looked at their content and the way it had been added over time. One of our great strengths is in site architecture, knowing how to organize information effectively and simply so that the audience can find what they need quickly and that the information is relevant when they get there.

Aspen Pharmacy Homepage

Aspen Pharmacy Mega Menu

The Personal Touch

Aspen had the advantage of offering medical aesthetic procedures, adding a touch of the high-end spa that we capitalized on in the design. With simple navigation options between pharmacy and aesthetic services, and clear calls-to-action throughout, we’ve given the Aspen site structure that can be easily expanded as they do.

Aspen Pharmacy Aesthetics

They Really Liked Us

“Neil, Scott and the Infinity Reef team are the people you want to have helping you when it comes to branding and website building. I didn’t have any experience with building a website and even more clueless with branding when I first met them. They’ve been giving me a lot of insight on branding and also giving me a ton of ideas on how to attract more potential clients using social media. Now, I have a beautiful website that is easy for clients to navigate and have been able to bring in new clients regularly. The IR team has been so helpful every step of the way and continue to add value to my business and help me grow.”

– Janet Truong

Privacy Preference Center