You Want Info? We’ll Show You Info

There was no shortage of text to work with, but as with many quasi-governmental sites, there was no focus on audience engagement. Just the facts, ma’am.

Looking at it from an immigrant or job seeker’s point of view, we felt that telling the very positive story of what Bredin offers – counselling, camaraderie and a sympathetic ear – would go a long way to softening the bureaucracy they faced every day in a world full of challenges.

Bredin Unemployed Albertans

Let’s Be Brighter

We brightened the colour palette to convey warmth and friendliness, and we upped the photo to text ratio considerably. All that text content is still there, but now it was less imposing in digestable chunks.

And, let’s not forget one of IR’s main strengths, the site architecture was vastly simplified with less clicks getting the audience to the relevant information they need. Functionality comes first.

Bredin Help With Education

Bredin Centre Skilled

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