Know Your Audience

Many times when we think of websites we think of needing to create an overwhelming wow factor or to be so clever it makes people weep. That might make a design agency feel good about what they do, but is it what the client’s audience needs to see?

For tradespeople and many similar businesses based on skills, most often all they need is to show that they’re professionals of standing and a gallery of their work. And that means you don’t need to break the bank if that’s what your market needs to hear and see from you.

Case in point: Drytech Interiors does stunning drywall and steel framing, insulation and barriers, and ceilings. We didn’t need to overmarket it. We needed to show it simply and with respect because that’s what their audience responds to. The audience can judge for themselves the quality of the work they’re seeing and know that Drytech does first-rate work. That’s the connection we needed to make between Drytech and its potential customers.

Drytech Interiors Homepage

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