One of our great partnerships is with TruckBoss Decks out of Sandy, Oregon, USA. For over a decade, they’ve had their aluminum deck system and its accessories on the market. The deck fits over the truck bed, giving a solid surface to carry recreational toys as well as making the bed water-tight. The popular SmartBoxx sliding drawer add-on provides easy access to the bed’s entire contents.

Truckboss System Infographic
The TruckBoss deck system allows owners to easily carry their recreational vehicles without needing to tow them. And the SmartBoxx sliding drawer option gives full use of the space in the truck's bed while bringing it to you for loading and unloading.

Having built our working relationship with TruckBoss developing their website, they turned to us to help promote themselves to the overlanding community.

Overlanding is increasingly popular for people who want to go into the back country. Not content to set up in a typical campsite, they relish being out where few go. The TruckBoss deck system provides them needed independence by mixing storage capability with a multi-purpose platform for mounting tents and rec vehicles alike.

Overlanding With Truckboss
The TruckBoss deck system is a versatile platform for overlanding and more.
Overland Sourcebook 2021

TruckBoss was able to book a two-page spread in the Overland Sourcebook, the annual publication of the Overland Expo series of tradeshows in the US, a perfect opportunity for them to make a great first impression in a market they want to be a part of.

While TruckBoss has a solid reputation and we could assume at least some of Overland‘s audience would know about them, we needed to introduce TruckBoss. They’re here to be a player and they have the goods to ensure a great overlanding experience.

That meant an ad that combined a primer on the TruckBoss deck system with messaging that reinforced this was all about the customer’s overlanding experience, emphasizing freedom and few limits. Readers are ultimately invited to visit the TruckBoss website to test out different configuration possibilities in the Build & Price tool (we built that too) as an engaging next step.

Truckboss Overland Ad
Truckboss Overland Ad 1
Truckboss Overland Ad 2

We look forward to continued collaboration with TruckBoss. They’re a great example of a client that understands and trusts the value of marketing, and we appreciate their active involvement in every project.

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