A Site Evolution

Our goal was to provide choices for the site’s administrator and sales team, enabling them to create unique information, advertising and pricing. Big imagery, easy-to-navigate product pages, and calls-to-action delivered the best opportunity to further solidify TruckBoss’ reputation as industry leaders. It takes all the guesswork out of the equation for a client that knows what he wants and how to make it work for him.

Truckboss Desktop Homepage

Truckboss Mobile Homepage

Explainer Video

This short animation shows how easily the TruckBoss Deck System integrates with the customer’s truck, and how simply the modular structure can be extended to carry rec toys and cargo.

Print Advertising

Trucks and truck accessories still have magazines devoted to them and we’ve been able to convey TruckBoss’ premium brand characteristics while informing wider audiences.

Truckboss Overlanding Ad 1

Truckboss Overlanding Ad 1a

Truckboss Overlanding Ad 1b

Truckboss Overlanding Ad 2

Snowmobiler Ad 1

Snowmobiler Ad 2

Snowmobiler Ad 3

Snowmobiler Ad 4

Social Media

With a strong following on facebook and Instagram, integrating our ad posts with TruckBoss’ personal posts has gone well. Website traffic is up and we’ve created interest in new product lines.

Truckboss Spring Gear Up Banner
Truckboss Spring Gear Up 2
Truckboss Spring Gear Up 1
Truckboss Summer Sizzle Banner
Truckboss Summer Sizzle 2
Truckboss Summer Sizzle 1
Truckboss Fall Spectacular Banner
Truckboss Fall Spectacular 1
Truckboss Fall Spectacular 2

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