Logo Development

Early on in a client’s process they may come up with placeholder ideas for planning sessions and presentations. They don’t expect their temporary logos and such to last, just fill a need as they solidify their plans and offerings for their marketplace.

Case in point, the temporary FR8Works logo had some good elements, but hadn’t gelled into something with the strength and polish they needed to have for going to market.

We saw what we could do with the figure 8 and the location pin, and it ended up being one of the smoothest logo creation processes in recent memory for us.

FR8Works Logo Dev

Website Development

FR8Works is an evolution of existing technologies for one specific industry. Now being applied to the broader dry bulk goods for construction, agriculture, mining and so on, FR8Works focusses on automated shipping admin for trucks and trains.

Without a library of photos of existing installs, our storytelling is built around illustrated scenarios of how the system is deployed and operated. This proved advantageous given the core information control and transmission is through cellular networks and a web app. Illustrating the constant connection from site to transport to office shows the integration of all pieces and players in a real-time system.

FR8Works Website

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