Competitor Research

We went looking for elevator companies and any other business that used an elevator theme in their logo. The up/down arrows were quite a common trope, and as expected results ran from professionally-done to things likely made in MS Word.

Elpro Logo Dev 1

Getting the Ideas Down on Paper

Even though we have computers, iPhones and iPads, we still use pencil and paper around here to iterate initial ideas. Connecting thoughts with a physical medium keeps it real for us. We can also make quick notes, and if we get distracted we don’t have to remember about hitting that Save button. Ideas outlined in red were all taken to the rough construction phase.

Elpro Logo Dev 2

Elpro Logo Dev 3

Elpro Logo Dev 4

Elpro Logo Dev 5

Elpro Logo Dev 6

Polishing the Roughs

At this point, it’s quicker to translate the initial sketches into digital pieces. Variations can be made in a fraction of the time that hand rendering used to take. As a result, we’re able to give clients more options when the situation allows.

Elpro Logo 07

Elpro Logo 08

Elpro Logo 09

Elpro Logo 10

Elpro Logo 11

Elpro Logo 12

Elpro Logo 13

Elpro Logo 14

The Final Logo

Would you have made the same choice as the client did?

Elpro Logo Development

The Logo Usage Guide

Every brand cop’s shining light that no one else seems to read, but we make it anyways and pray the client follows it. In this age of literally everyone being able to touch the logo – and not just other design professionals – this simple usage document is more important than ever.

Elpro Logo 15

Elpro Logo 16

Elpro Logo 17

Elpro Logo 18

Elpro Logo 19

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