The power of intention

A professional portfolio, as with any business communication, must be intentional. That is, it’s there for a reason – one that has defined objectives. Its effectiveness should be measurable in detail, and it must be adaptable over time so as to adjust its trajectory en route to the target. That is its intent.

Too often, business communications lose track of this requirement. Professional portfolios are a case in point. Their purpose is more than just display. The viewer should be led through a persuasive narrative targeting a specific outcome. The competencies and notable accomplishments of the company are important, but to simply leave it there without guidance is a missed opportunity. It short-changes your business, and does a disservice to the viewer. 

By merely tossing your portfolio into the ether, one of two negative outcomes is likely to occur. 

  1. The viewer will lead the process, deciding if and how your work can be appropriated for the viewer’s purposes. There’s a big difference between implementation and appropriation. Implementation means you’re in control, while with appropriation things can quickly get out of control.
  2. Worst of all, the viewer will miss the connection altogether. He or she may not be unable to connect the dots recognize how your work would be of value to them at all. The opportunities that might have come are lost for want of a professionally presented portfolio.

The moral of the story is: Your professional portfolio must be intentional. 

At Infinity Reef, we specialize in strategy-based, intentional messaging.

Your objectives as an artist or creative technician are no different than any other business owner. Yours may have different labels, but the shortlist is the same. You’re probably looking for things like:

  • increased brand awareness,
  • commissions, and
  • sales of actual products or services.

That’s no different from most any other business owner. In your case, the artist’s portfolio (traditional or digital) is probably the main driver. All the more reason to get it right.

If you’ve never approached your practise with the rigour of a business analyst, you may not know what your objectives are today. That may seem surprising, but it’s not unusual. The day to day, cut and thrust in the trenches can have a blinding effect on ones ability to see the big picture.

Even if you do have a clear eye on the target, online marketing and technology form a rapidly evolving and complex bundle of disciplines and opportunities. Knowing where you want to go isn’t the same as knowing how to get there.

Wouldn’t it be great to have trusted advisors to guide you through the chaos? And what if the advise cost you nothing?

We’ll happily run a no-cost preliminary diagnostic on your business, providing insights as we see them. Naturally, we’d love to have you as a client, but not before:

  1. You’ve determined the need is outside your professional ability to resolve,
  2. You can see a realistic return on your investment (We’ll work through the projections together.), and
  3. We’re mutually agreed on a good and productive fit.

Certainly, whichever way you slice it, you need a powerful and compelling online portfolio – and that’s where we come in.

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