360 SEO

Beyond the Algorithms

Search-engine optimization is often promoted as the most-important or most-powerful tool to guide people to your website. It’s true, your site does need to be organized and tagged so that Google and other search engines can assess it, rank it, and have it show up in their search results. Do it right, and you’re likely to rank higher.

But SEO practices are – at best – support for the substantial, relevant and accurate content your audience is looking for. Thin content can only be improved marginally by heroic SEO efforts, but great content carries its own weight, with SEO a surrounding framework so it can be found. There’s no need for keyword stuffing when you’ve told your story well and proved your value.

Responsible SEO begins with competitive analysis and research. In your market, what are people searching for and how are they searching for it? How are your competitors speaking to customers? Is there room to capitalize on a weakness in your competitors’ communication strategy?

With content properly tagged and your site launched, the analytics data we receive over time is important, but it’s only the beginning of the story.

We value our SEO team for taking those search terms and their numbers, and putting them in human terms because no one wants to be buried in charts, graphs and spreadsheets. They provide context to the shifting landscape of search trends for local, regional and national goals.