360 Sales Funnel

The Ever-Present Call to Action

With a wide array of methods to draw in or reach out to customers, understanding where your specific audience is likely to be is the first step to developing a path from them to your door.

At the top end of a sales funnel, we cast a wide net of general interest, either creating curiosity in a person’s mind to have them request more information (inbound), or send specific messages to people we think will be interested in what we have to offer (outbound). We may engage multiple audiences here.

However people enter the sales funnel, we continue the metaphor by drawing them down the funnel with increasingly-specific messages and interactions designed to get the customer to commit to your products and services.

In the non-digital world, a customer might be introduced to a company with billboards, magazines, television and radio. Midway down the funnel it could be in-store displays, seeing the company sponsor an event, and reading a brochure. Close to the bottom, it’s speaking to a salesperson, engaging with a demo, and so on.

For digital, we might create curiosity with the offer of a free ebook advertised on social media in exchange for contact details. Once on our list, they receive emails about special features for them on the website. The website leads to learning more about products they might want. An online chat with a company rep seals the deal.

The important thing about sales funnels in digital marketing is that they’re flexible in a way that physical marketing couldn’t accommodate. No matter where we position different messages along the funnel, you have access to other ways to get into the campaign, and it’s also reinforced by physical marketing methods.

For example, you go to a play sponsored by a company. The next time you encounter them, it’s a pay-per-click ad on a website. An in-store display with the product right there gets your attention. The social media article really turns on the light bulb with what it can do for you. It takes you to their website. You click the link to order from one of their online retailers.

Our goal is to make each time a potential client encounters your marketing messages one that spurs them to take further action. The funnel draws them in at any point along it.