360 Identity & Branding

What Is Your Identity?

When we begin a client’s branding or marketing plan, we start with research and discovery. Through interviews, product, service and audience research, competitor analysis and so on, we learn about your business. We develop an understanding of:

  • What your company/organization values are at its various levels
  • How you speak about yourselves and your customers
  • How you fit within your marketplace
  • How your customers perceive you
  • Your company’s character: progressive, conservative or both
  • Your needs and wants, and what is possible to achieve

This helps us determine your business’ character and personality. Ideally, research and discovery identifies your positive brand characteristics, and reveals your weaknesses. For companies of a certain size and established reputation, exposing weaknesses can be an uneasy thing to deal with.

For branding and marketing to succeed, first and foremost, management must be behind the process. Without gaining their trust and buy-in, you’re spending your time and money for no good purpose.

And beyond that, management must be able to successfully champion new marketing initiatives down through the rest of the organization without alienating staff who are needed to communicate effectively these messages to customers on a daily basis.

If your existing company culture is one of mistrust and perceived imposition, you stand little chance of projecting an open character and positive personality to your customers. Marketing cannot achieve its goals if you have internal issues which must be resolved first.

So, to succeed, your key players at every level must be on board. You must be open to growing and adapting to your market in ways you may have not considered in the past.

New branding and marketing initiatives come with risk attached. Managed risk, to be sure, but risk nonetheless. You need to be able to accept your portion of that risk as we go through this process. We’re right there with you, and we want to see things through to the completion of a successful project.

What Is Your Message?

For us to build the core messages we’ll use for your marketing, we take what we’ve learned about you and your audience and extract what makes your business stand out in the marketplace – your unique points of differentiation – and use that as what must be behind every message we create. We firmly believe being your unique ‘you’ as the way to elevate buying decisions. We show your value and that has worth beyond a purchase price.

The messages must be honest and compelling, creating curiosity that spurs the audience to take the action we want them to. More than selling products, if we can put people at the centre of a great experience enabled by your offering, so much the better.

Also as part of this stage, beginning visual ideas are explored, seeing how we can reinforce and extend messaging. Does this project require a visual identity overhaul – as in an updated or new logo? – or merely an extension of existing good work done in the past?

Messages and visuals filter through each deliverable created for consistency, reinforcing easy recognition in the marketplace.