360 Data Analysis

Making Sense of Numbers and Feedback

Gauging the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives is important. In digital marketing, we use data analysis to quantify how people interact with websites, emails and other deliverables. We’ve done our best to understand the audience in all the materials we’ve prepared. Analysis is there to prove that we’ve delivered ROI – a return on investment. Marketing done that way shows it enhances your bottom line, instead of being some vaguely-defined “Promotions” overhead item.

Internal to our business, analysis is one of the key ways we check our own assumptions, ensuring what we strive for and respond to comes from the world of facts, not some preconceived notion of what we think an audience will do. It helps us see trends, from the general to the specific, and we can incorporate those insights into an ever-improving strategy.

One way we think we can quantify what your business does is through review generation. Going beyond Google Analytics and other statistics generation, our ReviewGen™ system allows your staff to solicit reviews from your customers, and makes your staff in return responsive to good and bad experiences alike. You identify trends, seeing in real time where your business is succeeding, and where it needs to improve. You don’t have to guess what your customers think about you. They’ll tell you.