360 Content

Building the Core

In Identity & Branding, we developed an understanding of your company, its market, and created the core messages we’ll use to connect you to your audience. We know how to speak with your customers, now we need to flesh out your stories into fully-developed content.

It’s trite to say content is king. At the same time, content is everything to a marketing campaign. Without it, nothing can be built.

In our experience, lack of content is – by far – the number one reason projects miss their deadlines. The usual cause of content delays is clients thinking they can accomplish this task internally. In doing so, they underestimate the size and depth of content creation, overestimate their skills to create usable material, and vastly underestimate the time necessary to do it all in.

We very much value a client’s subject-matter experts (SMEs). They know the ins-and-outs of your business far better than we ever will. However, they’re usually not copywriters who know how to stay on brand, and write with a consistent voice across multiple pieces like web sites, brochures and other deliverables. And, on top of their regular duties, can they make content creation a priority and hit a deadline?

We advocate a facilitated approach to content creation. With access to your SMEs, we’ll interview them and shape content consistently across all deliverables without monopolizing any one of your people’s time. Reviewing and approving drafts is something we know our clients are far more comfortable with. Your work gets done. Our work gets done. We all stay on schedule and keep our stress to a minimum.