…on the Reef. Boost your outcomes with a risk-managed online marketing strategy

Business life can be a rambunctious affair when it comes to online marketing. Viewed another way you’ll see a dog-eat-dog, winner take all, cut and thrust battlefield. One builds enthusiasm, while the other erodes the spirit and takes no prisoners. I know which I prefer. But there’s no getting around it, when lives and livelihoods are at stake, demons lurk.

At Infinity Reef, we know that a strong and vibrant business community is in everyones best interest. Put in Reef-speak, a rising tide lifts all boats.

So, what’s the key to keeping safe out there?

No one who’s followed our posts for any length of time will be surprised to hear the easy answer is strategy; that and diligent action.

There are dangers and pitfalls in any undertaking. The key to staying safe is always to manage variables. Know what you’re facing and what you’re likely to encounter. Maintain a clear vantage point. Anticipate danger and keep your eye on the exits.

The same applies to your online marketing. Know where you want to go. Ensure you’ve covered all your outreach and communication bases. Maintain a steadfast attitude of intention. That is, commit to not doing anything online that doesn’t serve your objectives. Remember, you’ve made an investment – usually a financial one – and you have a reasonable expectation of return. Every visitor to your site should always have an avenue to self-close on what it is of value you have to offer.

Note that I didn’t say you should always be closing them (ABC). If your narrative is structured properly, you won’t need to. Simply making available the appropriate solution should be enough to ensure your visitors make the right decision. Allied to this, close the loop on all your communications. If your prospect isn’t making a decision today, be sure to maintain a persistence of message through such things as remarketing, opt-in campaigns, social media connections, discount offers, and the like.

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Competitive defences

I have never been one to pay much heed to what my competitors are doing. In my experience, this causes people to take their eye off a far more important subject: their customers.

Sure, your competitors will have some interesting and effective ideas – ones perhaps worth emulating. But don’t fall prey to the lure of competing on features for feature’s sake. You don’t know the degree to which your competitor’s initiative is bringing them success. For all you know, it could be costing them more that it’s worth. Better that you focus your time and money on providing the highest value products and services, and ensuring that you’re engaged with your visitors, members, clients and customers.

Also, demand the highest integrity and professionalism from your employees, contractors and allied agents. At the end of the day, they represent your brand. Leverage all that they bring to the game and, together, you will cultivate appreciation, referrals and loyalty from your patrons. If that’s what your competitors are doing, seek to do it better. Otherwise, just let them follow you, and collaborate where it makes sense.

But maybe you have a different opinion. Where do you come out on this debate? Let me know in the comments below.