There are any number of reasons why a client might want to write their own online content. Product expertise, real-time customer engagement, the vendor’s actual voice, and the thought of saving money all tend to rank high on the list. Each of them disregards two very important factors.


Your website’s search optimization (SEO) is tied to your content. ALL of your content. Professional online content creators know there’s a science to how keywords are placed throughout a site. Their objective is to drive traffic.

To the talented amateur, that science can seem more like alchemy. Assigning the job of content creation to an alchemist may result in some great writing, but it can also result in it not getting read.


Everything on your site has a singular purpose. To realize your business objectives.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling an idea, a product, or the value of your service. The objective is to make the sale. And if we can’t convince you, we want you to carry our message on to someone else who will benefit – like pollen on a bee’s knees.

If all you want to do is make someone smile, fair enough. Maybe you just want to teach something. No problem. But at the end of the day, most businesses are trying to do business. That involves building a relationship with people who, over time, either choose to buy something or share your message with someone who will.

3. Now, try doing that while being truly genuine.

Yes, you are applying structural skill to what you’ve written. Skill that bows down to the mechanical requirement of the internet. Sure, you’re in business to do business. But first, foremost and always, you want to be genuinely interested in the well being of your readers and visitors.

That involves a mix of talents rarely found outside of someone who writes for online. Content creators live and breathe web-speak. They understand the relationship between the medium and the message.

The good ones get the mix right. That’s the measure of the true professional.

Sure, your office admin may be a cheerfully willing and able communicator. He or she may know a fair bit about your product line, but there’s a reason why they’re not in sales. Yes, you’re already paying that person for clerical tasks that are often muddled up with communications. But does your admin speak search engine? If not, try calculating what that saved money is costing you.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to hire a professional who can bring you measurable results? Is your content a reason why your traffic isn’t converting to leads? And what about your traffic? Is it hitting the kind of numbers you’re happy with?

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